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Woman Delivers Triplets

12 Nov, 2016

Woman delivers triplets, They weighted 1.05kg, 500 grams,540 grams at birth. Despite health complications, a 48 years old woman has successfully delivered triplets at Vadamalayan Hospitals. The 28 week preterm babies with “very low weight” are keeping ” good health” as they are under the watchful eyes of doctors. Weighing 1.05 kg, 500 grams and 540 grams at birth, the three babies have gradually improved their weight to 3.170 kg, 1.320 kg and 1.470 kg respectively. Dr.V.Pugalagiri, Chairman and Managing Director, and comprising Dr.P.Vinodh, Neonatologist, and Dr.Jalaja Ashok, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

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