Dindigul Hospital
For Emergency: Madurai: 0452 2501033, Dindigul: 0451 2444444

Meet Professional Care
You Can Trust

He practiced “Evidence based medicine” to provide ethical, timely and effective
treatment for the ailing people from all over south Tamilnadu. A10 bedded clinic
at the palace road, Madurai with modern equipment’s.

  • Blood Bank

    Vadamalayan Blood Bank is a High-Tech component level blood bank. It was established on 05/July/2005 License...

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  • Nutrition & Dietitics

    You are provided with a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet, following the orders of the physician.

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  • Diet Kitchen

    Our 24 hours Diet Kitchen is committed to providing quality food, skill fully and hygienically prepared...

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  • Pharmacy

    Vadamalayan Hospitals has its own in-house pharmacy in all its hospital units. Besides these, our pharmacies

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  • International Patient Services

    We have many programs available to international patients, to make their health care experience

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  • Laboratory

    Well equipped, hi-tech laboratory comprising of PCR analyzer, Fully automated hematology analyzer

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  • Radiology

    Our state of the art complete department for all routine and special investigations and fully equipped...

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  • Organ Transplant – Madurai

    Organ Transplantation is a medical procedure in which an organ is removed from one body

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  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

    When most people think of physiotherapy or rehabilitation they think of disabilities.

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  • Tele Medicine

    The new concept of Telemedicine, bridge geographical distanc..

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