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Emergency Medicine Conference in Dindigul

25 Jun, 2023

Vadamalayan Hospital’s provides High Quality of health care 24/7 for all. Past 67 years in Health service Vadamalayan Hospitals constantly and continuously gives safety and effective evidence based treatment. In the vision of Dr. Pugalagiri Vadamalayan Chairman & Managing Director be in touch of both Madurai & Dindigul Hospitals to deliver Effective Emergency Service by building a strong and energetic team of Emergency Physicians.

Our CMD have focused vision in bringing up a Quality and Technical expertise in Emergency Medicine by organizing VECON 2023 in Vadamalayan Hospital Dindigul.

VECON 2023 is a 1st Emergency Medicine Conference organized in Vadamalayan Hospital Dindigul on 25th June 2023. VECON 2023 has Eminent Speakers to give a comprehensive talk and to share their experience in Emergency Medicine.


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