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My Mother

My Mother


“AMMA” – She is the one who has given me life, carrying me in her womb for ten months, delivering me with all pain and strain and takes care of me forever. She considers me as the “Meaning of her life”, awaits and anticipates my arrival.Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every mother’s life. My birth is a rebirth for my mother. Vadamalayan hospitals has understood her need and has made this beautiful experience more memorable and hassle free by introducing “MY MOTHER”. I wish my mother goes to Vadamalayan Hospitals.

Vadamalayan Hospitals

Vadamalayan Hospitals is multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital extending quality health care to people in and around Madurai for the past half a century. Founded by Dr.P.Vadamalayan in 1957, as VADAMALAYAN NURSING HOME, this hospital is first of its kind in down south Tamil Nadu. Following his foot steps, we practice “Evidence Based Medicine”. Ever since inception the hospital continues to stay atop in providing quality health care services with continual development of infrastructure and also by imbibing advanced techniques.

My Mother

MY MOTHER is a comprehensive delivery package aimed at all sections of the society. Right from the day of confirmation of pregnancy to delivery, all the medical processes of consultation and tests has been compiled and comprehensively packaged into a single package of Rs.30,000/- This package is a boon especially for middle class and lower middle class sections of the society.

My Mother Package Covers

40 to 45 days, Hb%
Gynecologist Consultation10 to 12 Weeks

Blood Routine (Tc, Dc, ESR, Hb, CRT)
Gynecologist Consultation14 to 16 weeks

1st TT dose
Gynecologist Consultation
Around 20 Weeks
Blood Routine, HIV, Hbs Ag, Group, Rh
Gynecologist Consultation

Gynecologist Consultation
Gynecologist Consultation
30 WEEKS Abdomen
Gynecologist Consultation 32 WEEKS
Gynecologist Consultation 34 WEEKS
Gynecologist Consultation
36 WEEKS Blood Routine
Urine Routine
Gynecologist Consultation
38 WEEKS Gynecologist Consultation
39 WEEKS Gynecologist Consultation
DELIVERY Normal delivery
Assisted Delivery
REVIEW WITHIN 15 DAYS Gynecologist Consultation

Exclusions: Food, medicines and consumables are excluded from this package.

Theme of the scheme:

This package includes normal delivery, caesarean Section,assisted delivery.Any high risk pregnancy is also included. Ensures safe normal delivery

In case of any mishap during the first trimester, the customer can avail the package for her next pregnancy, without any additional payment.

*Conditions apply.