Dindigul Hospital
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Nutrition & Dietitics

Nutrition & Dietitics

  • You are provided with a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet, following the orders of the physician.
  • You are served with a blend of home-cooked foods and ready-prepared heat & serve items that are characteristic of the area, in an attractive manner.
  • Your likes and dislikes are considered before planning a menu.
  • Everything is done to make your food safe, in right temperature and excellent quality.
  • The department provides inpatient and outpatient, individual, and group nutrition education
  • Inpatient nutrition education is provided by the Dietitian and the Outpatient nutrition consultation is provided by the Dietitian upon receiving a written order from the physician.
  • The Dietary department realizes the importance of involvement of a family in a patient’s lifestyle; family members are encouraged to join a patient in nutrition education sessions.
  • The department also provides group nutrition classes to the industrial workers, and other community education programs organized occasionally.
  • The staff is in serviced to serve the “right” diet with the correct portions at right time.
  • In services are held on the correct use of equipment, body mechanics, and infection control.
  • Dietitians visit all the patients at AM & PM