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DNB / Diploma in Anesthesiology

DNB / Diploma in Anesthesiology

Course accredited with NBEMS(41217)
DNB Anesthesiology Post MBBS 3 years 1 Seat
DNB Anesthesiology Post Diploma 2 years 1 Seat
DA(NBEMS) Dip in Anesthesiology Post MBBS 2 years 2 Seats

Objectives of the programme

At the end of training a post-graduate in Anaesthesiology candidate should be able to act as a specialist in community, Medical teacher and a researcher in Anaesthesiology and in the related field of Medicine.

Scope of the Course

A DNB/DA student after obtaining degree/diploma should be able to acquire optimal theoretical knowledge and understanding of the basic anatomical phsiological, physical and pharmacological principals involved in the practice of safe anesthesia, ICU care and chronic pain management etc.

  • Examine, evaluate, and optimize the patient for Anaesthesia for the proposed surgery.
  • Identify the Anaesthetic problems that require special attention, skill and equipments.
  • Should know the handling of various noninvasive and invasive monitoring equipments and their date interpretations.
  • Should possess the knowledge of all Anaesthetic equipments, drugs, and their appropriate uses.
  • Acquire skills and proficiency for the conduct of safe Anaesthesia for elective and emergency procedures.
  • Diagnose emergency medical/surgical conditions and institute emergency treatment and administer Anaesthesia, if required
  • Resuscitate and manage critically ill in Intensive Care Unit and postoperative care unit.
  • Manage acute pain.
  • Manage chronic pain.
  • Manage palliative care of terminally ill patients.
  • Manage trauma and mass casualties.
  • Communicate with patients and relatives, regarding prognosis and possible complications.
  • Discharge medico-legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • Plan, conduct and write the results of the research in speciality, as well as present the same in scientific forum and journals.
  • Teach and train undergraduate medical students, nursing students, paramedical and other health professionals.
  • Ensure patient safety.
  • Perform and demonstrate the technical skills mentioned in the course content.
What are the admission requirements for the program
  • Candidates should have successfully completed MBBS, recognized by MCI and completed one year of Internship.
  • Candidates interested in PG Courses (including) Secondary should have appeared in the NEET exam of NBE, conducted recently.

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