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Diploma in Family Medicine

Diploma in Family Medicine

Course accredited with NBEMS(41217)

D Fam. Med. (NBEMS) Post MBBS 2 Years 4 Seat


The objective of the Diploma in Family Medicine is to produce multi-competent clinicians. They will be equipped to practice patient-centered medicine and provide initial, continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated care for people in the context of their family and community, based in community health center.

It is a two-year full-time residential course. The program will cover training in the principles of Family Medicine, managements of common illnesses and practical skills learned the departments of medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, mental health, and emergency medicine Etc. These are skills required to practice at a community health center. The training will also make the resident familiar with the concepts of Community Oriented Primary Care.

What are the admission requirements for the program

1. Candidates should have successfully completed MBBS, recognized by MCI and completed one year of Internship.
2. Candidates interested in PG Courses should have appeared in the NEET exam of NBE, conducted recently.

Objectives for the Diploma in Family Medicine

At the end of the two-year Diploma in Family Medicine, the resident should be able to:

Broad Objectives :
The Broad Objectives of the course will be to equip the student to address the health needs of individual patients as well as the community at the level of Community Health Centre. The resident must be able to work and make decisions independently. A graduate of the course should perform the following functions, with a high level of integrity, commitment, and competency;

  • Diagnose and treat and the common diseases occurring in all age groups effectively across a broad spectrum of disciplines including medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and mental health.
  • Promptly treat common medical, surgical, and obstetric emergencies, referring only to those who need tertiary care services.
  • Network with the specialists such that they can continue the care of patients undergoing sophisticated tertiary level care, between appointments
  • Implement recognized protocols for health promotion in all age groups.
  • Organize and promote the rehabilitation of the disabled.
  • Participate in community health programs, especially those that are components of national health policies.
  • Be motivated to improvise and problem-solve in resource-poor settings.
  • Generate enthusiasm in the health team so that they can provide high quality, appropriate, ethical, and comprehensive care.
  • Ensure a therapeutic environment for patients and relatives to enhance confidence in the health system.
  • Competency in legal certification and documentation.
  • Competency in medical record-keeping and data management

Stipend Details :

Year of Training Stipend per Month
1st Year 45,000
2nd Year 47,500

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