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‘Nalam’ a medical magazine of Vadamalayan Hospitals is published in Madurai since 2005.This magazine is giving valuable articles of leading medical professionals of our hospitals. The articles are in simple language for the purpose of common public to understand the informative medical tips easily.

For the decade ‘Nalam Magazine’ published thousands of articles which reached our readers and this articles guided our readers in the correct path. ‘Nalam’ Medical Magazine is published by editor Dr. V. Pugalagiri, who is the Chairman and Managing Director of Vadamalayan Hospitals.

Nalam magazines are given to our customers as added benefit. Now, Nalam magazine gained thousands of subscribers, particularly the people in south Tamilnadu.

The Nalam magazine continuous its journey with the support of our readers and medical professionals in grand manner.

For subscription / information on Nalam magazine please us he query link


Send a request letter to cheque / Demand draft in name of ‘Vadamalayan Hospitals Pvt Ltd’

For Rs.150/–  (12 issues – 1 year)