Course Name

B.Sc Physician Assistant

Name of the Course Director

MD General Medicine /      MS General Surgery – 1

DR M. Alagumuthu M.S,


Teaching Faculty

MD Anaesthesia – 1

DR.R. Madhumalar MD

M.S  Surgeon – 1

Dr.S.Alagu Ganesh,M.S

M.D, (O& G)  – 1

DR.V.Poomatha .,M.S

M.S., Orthopaedic Surgeon

 DR. M.K.Mothilal M.S

MS ENT – 1

DR.Thilak Santharam M.S

MS Ophthalmology – 1

DR. M.Dheepha M.S

MD Paediatrics – 1

DR.P. Vinodh M.D., DNB.

Any other relevant speciality ( MD -General Medicine)

Dr.Moses K.Daniel MD.,




Course Name

B.Sc Dialysis Technology

Name of the Course Director

DM Nephrology – 1

Dr.R.M Hemanath, M.D.D.M.,

Teaching Faculty

DM / MD Nephrology   MD General Medicine

Dr.Shanmugaperumal M.D.D.M.(Nephro)

MD Anaesthesia – 2

Dr. D. Senthil kumar. M.D. P.D.C.A.,F.R.C.A.,Dr.R.Madhumalalr, MD

MD General Medicine – 2

Dr. David Parvin Kumar M.D.,

Dr.Moses K.Daniel M. D.,

MD Paediatrician – 1

Dr. P. Vinodh M.D., DNB.,



Course Name

B.Sc Cardiac Technology

Name of the Course Director

DM Cardiology – 1

Dr.B.R.J.Kannan MD.,DM

Teaching Faculty

MD Cardiology – 2

Dr.D.Ashokkumar MD.,DM


Dr.B.R.J.Kannan MD.,DM

MD ( Ged.Med ) – 1

Dr.Moses K.Daniel MD.,

MD Anaesthesia – 1

DR. D. Senthil kumar. M.D.P.D.C.A.,F.R.C.A.,




Course Name

Diploma in Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology

Name of the Course Director

MD Anaesthesia – 1

DR. D. Senthil kumar. M.D. P.D.C.A.,F.R.C.A.,

Teaching Faculty

MD Anaesthesia – 1

DR.R.Madhumalar MD

M.S., Surgeon – 1

DR.M. Alagumuthu   M.S,

M.D., (O& G) / DGO – 1

DR.V.Poomatha M.S (O&G),

M.S., Orthopedic Surgery/ D.Ortho., – 1

DR M.K.Mothilal MS (Ortho),



Faculty For Class Coordination and handling additional classes

Mrs.A.Jasmin, MHM, PGDPMIR, M.Phil.,


Mr.S.Sabrish B.Com (CA)., MBA (HSM).,

Administrative Officer

Ms.M.Ganaga Devi, M. Sc (N)

Course Coordinator B.Sc Physician Assistant

Mrs.K. Jeyalakshmi,M.Sc (N)

Course Coordinator B.Sc Cardiac Technology

Mrs.T.Thaniyalakshmi,B.Sc (N)

Course Coordinator for Diploma OT & AT

Ms. Kani Mozhi, M.Sc (Microbiology)

Course Coordinator DMLT

Ms.D.Kavitha, M.Li Sc., DMLT., DGT.,

Full time Librarian

Mrs.J.J.Sahaya Sheela,B.Sc Nursing., MSW.,DASC.,MBA 

Course Coordinator



Faculty for MBA Health Service Management – Full time

Mrs.A.Jasmin, MHM, PGDPMIR, M.Phil.,

Mr.S.Sabrish B.Com (CA)., MBA (HSM).,

Mrs.M.Satyasree, B.Tech ,MBA (HSM).,


Faculty for MBA Health Service Management – Visiting

Dr.S.Usha, MS (IT& Management).,Ph.D in management.

Mr.R.Jeganathan , M.com., M.Phil.,



Faculty for Medical Lab Technology – In-house

Dr.K.Padmini MBBS.,MD.,PGDHM

Dr.Arunkumar Nandagopal MBBS.,DNB Pathology

Dr.R.Chandrasekar Ph.D (Biochemist)


Faculty for Imaging Technology – In-house

Mr.P.Gnana Prakash BBA(CA).,DXIT.,CCLT,RSO.

Mr.R.Arumugam B.Sc.(Medical Radiography).,DMRT.,