DNB Cardiology

DNB Cardiology is accredited by the National Board of Examinations to offer a 3-year training program.

The three year residential program for the course should have passed MD/DNB General Medicine/Pediatrics and should have cleared CET conducted by the National Board of Examinations. Subsequently, they should be registered for the Centralized Counseling, NBE in order to be eligible for the admissions.

Clinical training involves periodical postings in both Non-Invasive Cardiology (Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography, Stress ECG and Holter lab, Cardiac CT and MRI) and Invasive Cardiology (Diagnostic and Interventional procedures, Angioplasties and stent implantations, Myocardial Septal Ablations for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathies, Balloon dilation for valvular heart diseases, device closure for selected congenital heart diseases, electrophysiology studies, and pacemaker/ICD implantation, etc.).

Academic activities include regular seminars, journal clubs, cath and echo conferences, combined cardiology/CTVS meetings, and a strong bedside teaching program. Candidates are encouraged to attend national conferences and present the results of their scientific research work at regional and national meetings.
During their training, candidates are paid stipend as per the National Board Guidelines.

Visits to the department can be arranged by prior appointment through the Administrative office or the Head of the Department.